The Dangers of Neglecting Proper Skin Care

The Dangers of Neglecting Proper Skin Care

Increasingly people are neglecting proper skin care due to lack of time and lack of knowledge. In fact, not having good skincare habits can impact your overall health as well. Because of a busy schedule, many people neglect skincare when all they need to do to avoid this neglect is to eat well and avoid cheap skin care products.

Experts say that eating healthy by following a proper diet and exercise is one of the major keys in combating unhealthy-skin caused by toxicity that today’s life often brings. By taking care of what you put both on your body and inside your body, your overall health and the skin-health can be greatly impacted.

Neglecting your body through excessive sun exposure, use of harsh skincare products, and exposure to wind can dry the epidermis leading to skin-damage and wrinkles. This can make you look older and speed up the skin’s aging process.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and when there are problems this can seriously impact your comfort and your health. Many products that are placed on your skin’s surface are absorbed through it into your body. Cheap skin care products with fragrances and chemicals to make them smell better are often made from toxic chemicals that are not necessary for the product to work. Why put anything on your body that you do not want in your body? Such harsh products can eventually impact your overall health, and not just the skin’s health.

Cheap skin care products also use suspicious ingredients or useless ingredients. Products containing collagen, a protein that helps your skin be firm and without wrinkles, are not helpful because collagen can not be absorbed through the skin so smearing it on the surface of your body can not provide any help for the collagen levels in your body.

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