Transgender Feminization Hypnosis – Freedom From Fears and Blocks

Transgender Feminization Hypnosis – Freedom From Fears and Blocks

Prepare yourself to relax. Close your eyes. Feel your breaths getting slower and deeper. Inhale and exhale. With each exhale, tension, stress, negative thoughts and emotions leave your body. With each inhale, you replace them with calm and serenity. Let your mind sink further into the depth of your being. Let it spiral comfortably into a deep hypnotic state. You have now arrived at a place where you are deeply connected with the essence of your being. From here, you can heal your body and mind.

You are surrounded by a moonless, velvet-blue night sky, a deep, endless expanse that welcomes you into its endless arms. Welcome it back. Let yourself flow into this gentle, endless sky. Extend yourself into it until inside and outside become one. Let the deep, blue sky permeate you with its clear, calm air. Expand. You are calm and invincible. Welcome to the depth of your being, to the essence of your existence.

You have entered your subconscious mind. Explore its expansiveness. You are free to soar up to its greatest heights, sink down to its most profound depths and stretch into each and every direction of this vast realm.

As you explore the vastness of your mind, accept this voice as your helper. This voice will be your guide through the infinite realm of the subconscious. Follow your guide, and it will allow you to access the parts of this world you need to fulfill your innermost wishes. Here, you have the power to expel guilt and fear from your mind. You are about to discard anything that keeps your mind from realizing the true boundlessness of its freedom.

Find a point in this vast stretch of sky and let it expand into a globe of warm, beautiful energy. This warm, glowing sphere is the center of your thoughts and emotions. It is the generator of your behavior. As you approach this radiant ball of light, you realize that this is the true perfect nature of your being. See and feel the power and the beauty of this omnipotent control center. How small are your fears, your anxieties, and your troubles compared to this? How insignificant your stubborn emotions and attitudes that keep you from achieving the perfect happiness radiated by this ball of light?

You are about to enter this sphere and travel each layer of your subconscious. For your journey, accept this gift. Welcome into your hands a control that can be turned up to 100% or down to zero where it turns off with a click. This control allows you to regulate whatever thoughts and emotions you encounter on your way. Use it wisely, but more than anything, use it ruthlessly. This control has been given to you. You and nobody else is its ruler and has the wisdom and the power to decide when and where to turn it. You are the decision maker. You are in control.

Approach the sphere and enter the first layer. Do you feel guilty? Is this layer made of guilt? Watch the many thoughts and feelings of guilt and use your control. Turn your feelings of guilt down if you want. You are free to do whatever you wish. Turn them off. There is no guilt. You are free of guilt. Feel innocence and lightness of heart stretch joyfully around the sphere and replace every inch of guilt with this beautiful new energy.

Enter the next layer. Are you afraid? Is this layer made of fear? Some fears may help us survive, others may be completely superfluous. Look your fiercest fears directly in the eye. You are in control here. Do not fear their glare. You can regulate this very fear with your control. Regulate your fears. Control your fears. Subdue your fears. Eradicate your fears.

You are free to do whatever you wish. Turn them off. There is no fear. As you turn your control down to zero, listen to the click, and watch a golden stream of confidence stretch across the surface all around you. Let this confidence fill your being. Let its warm, caring light flow into you. Let the light of confidence assure you there is nothing to fear in this perfect world. This is the world of your mind. The world that creates you. The world you are now free to create.

Move on through the globe of your feelings, emotions, and memories. Watch how its layers multiply as you enter. With each layer you enter, you realize how many thoughts, feelings, and memories compose your existence! Move to the spots that attract your attention and regulate what you find there with your omnipotent control. Move it up, move it down, turn it off as you please. Remember, you are the only rightful owner of this control. You are the ruler of this country.

Remove guilt and connect with your innocence, remove fear and connect with your confidence, remove unhappiness and connect with your strong inner joy, feel layers of negative emotions peel off, weaken, and disappear. Watch how innocence, freedom, love, and joy replace them. Let these new emotions spread their healing energy throughout your body. Let your mind reach a state of clarity, peace, and enlightenment.

Let this feeling fill your body and mind. You are free and innocent like a child. Take a moment and appreciate the blessing of emptiness. The beauty of lightness. Whatever has been blocking you, feel how currents of bright white light free the blocked access routes to your mind and open it to the blessings of the universe.

The guilt, the fear, the worries and unhappy thoughts you have sent away have opened your mind to the true realization of your potential. Feel how through these new openings, beams of vibrant energy come streaming in. Watch them fill all the new found space inside you. Let them settle and move your every cell with new vibrations. You feel energized, charismatic, powerful and confident. You feel completely relaxed. You are at ease with yourself.

Bright, positive energy enters your conscious mind and fills its pores and fibers. Your conscious mind materializes the power of confidence, the light that enters from your new, clean subconscious. It creates a new you. The new you is healthy, energetic, and beautiful. As you have discarded all heavy thoughts and emotions, all guilt and fear from your mind and body, feel how you are charged with bright, energizing light. Like a magic gas, it fills you with its energy and makes you feel so light you can float up to the sky with ease. You have been waiting for this moment and this feeling. This sensation of purity, peace of mind, and exhilarating lightness.

There is one more layer of the big glowing sphere you need to enter. Move through to this last layer of your journey. Meet all the thoughts concerning your femininity, and the feminization of your body and mind. Look closely at this layer. Can you detect doubt? Any conflicting thoughts and emotions? You may have been fighting with these thoughts and feelings for a long time. A lot of them may come from the outside, society, partners, family, acquaintances. Watch the many outside influences on your subconscious world. Be aware that these worries do not come from you. These thoughts and feelings are blocking your complete realization of female beauty and radiance. This is your chance to expel them. Whatever negative thoughts and feelings you find in this complex layer, face them and start turning your control down. Watch as your concerns get weaker and weaker.

Free of cares and worries, turn your control all the way down, and as you hear it click, watch all these thoughts and feelings, all these noisy voices disappear. Expelling all these negative feelings, thoughts, and blocks has opened up your mind further. Feel new light streaming in, feel how positive energy replaces all the spaces taken up by negativity before. Feel how the surge of positive energy in your subconscious instantly seeps into your conscious mind and takes root there.

As the results of your inner cleansing reach your conscious mind, express your gratefulness to this process, to what you have achieved. Can you feel any remaining worries? Any remaining doubts? Remember, you are still holding your control. Turn it all the way down, let it click once more, and free yourself of the last traces of negativity. Let positive, bright light conquer the cells of your body, the waves of your mind. Feel with the final expulsion of negativity how a deep feeling of calm enters your body. You can utterly relax. You are a brimming sphere of vitality, health, and beauty.

Feel bliss radiate from your core to the outside world. Again, be aware what it feels like to be completely free of guilt, fear, and worries. Be aware of the energy that can circulate in your body when you have freed it of all negativity. You are balanced, you are one with yourself. You have no guilt and no fear. You may live whatever life you envision for yourself. You have the right to live your own life regardless of what anybody else might say.

Feel this confidence fill you with happiness. Feel how it turns your true beauty to the outside in its entirety. With each layer of your mind you have visited on your journey, with each emotion you have adjusted to your liking, you have gained ground. You have conquered the sparkling continent of your own existence.

ou have replaced guilt with self respect, with true love for yourself. Now turn around, and look at the endless expanse of moonless sky around you once again. Find another point, and once again, let it expand into a sphere, the sphere of your thoughts and emotions. This time, build the sphere of your new thoughts and emotions. Begin from a core of love for yourself. Extend it with layers of self-respect, confidence, beauty, charisma, freedom, power, health and vitality. Where you feel your emotion is not strong enough, remember your control. Turn it up! Turn it to 100% and as you build layer upon layer, watch the vibrancy of this new, glowing ball of energy. Witness how you are in control of composing your core. You can create the core that has the power to transform your life. Look at the beautiful being you have created. Feel how its beauty dazzles you, its energy warms you, its magic enchants you, and its love touches you deeply. Feel a profound, happy smile spread from your face throughout your body. Enjoy your power of creation, your clarity of mind, your confidence.

Finally, wrap up your work. Create a special layer, a filter around all the other thoughts and feelings. Use positive thoughts and feelings to create it. Feelings that will nurture you and guide you along the lines of confidence and clarity. Align the structure of this layer to help your mind and body realize their true femininity. Make this layer porous to open up to feminizing energy that will stream in and fill your being with beauty, gentleness, strength, and flexibility.

Feel this layer complete yourself. Feel how you are flooded with confidence, positivity, and open to the beauty of femininity. Feel the refreshing and rejuvenating effect of feminization begin to seep through your pores. Feel it complete you. You are one with yourself. You are feminine. You are completely at peace.

Your subconscious mind has absorbed all energy you have released, and filled with its riches. You have opened your channels to joy, peace, and confidence. With a sense of calm, breathe in the blue expanse around you, taste the clarity of its air and let it circulate in your body. Exhale, and release the golden energy of your own new radiance. Feel the gratefulness of the universe as it absorbs your clear, beautiful new energy and circulates it further.

Congratulations. You have rebuilt your core. You have created a new, vibrant you. Let me count slowly to five now, and return to where you have started your journey. You may drift off into a deep, rejuvenating sleep, or you may wake and open your eyes refreshed and relaxed to resume your activities. Either way, prepare to meet your new self. You are confident, beautiful, and feminine. You are at peace with yourself. You have the power and the strength to live the life you want. You are beaming with golden energy, beauty, health, and love. 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

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