Dental Phobia versus Dental Fear

The fear of going to the dentist, more common than many of us believe, afflicts between 9% and 15% of Richmond dental patients. In fact, many state they avoid visiting the dentist due to this fear or anxiety. They often exaggerate their worries through a sense of anxiety about an upcoming dental visit. Richmond cosmetic dentistry professionals believe that through our gentle dentistry and painless dentistry techniques Richmond dentists can ease even the most severe anxiety.

Richmond dentists find people exhibiting dental phobia show a more serious condition leaving victims terrified and panic-stricken. They will do anything they can to avoid going to the dentist, classic avoidance behavior. People with dental phobia also exhibit the following signs:

o Escalating feelings of nervousness while in dental office before visit

o Feeling physically ill or mentally upset at the thought of going to the dentist

o Trouble sleeping before dental exams

o Intense uneasiness in anticipation of and when objects are placed into the patient’s mouth causing feelings of difficulty breathing.

Patients with dental phobia usually are only driven to visit a dentist by extreme pain. Luckily, many ways exist to help people suffering with dental anxiety and dental phobia to visit a Richmond painless dentist for care.

First, investigate the cause of the dental anxiety or dental phobia:

o Fear of pain, the most common reason for not visiting the dentist, usually stems from a negative experience that was painful or unpleasant.

o Fear of pain from the bitewings used also creates anxiety for many people.

o Fear of injections, needles terrify many people. In addition, many people are afraid the anesthesia will not be fast or strong enough to mask the local discomfort.

o Fear of anesthetic side effects such as numbness, dizziness, nausea, faintness, or soreness.

o Fear of lack of control also afflicts many considering the patient’s inability to see what is going on.

o Fear of lack of personal space affects people who feel discomforted by the closeness of the dentist to their face.

o Fear of embarrassment or judgment due to appearance of their teeth or mouth odors also holds back many patients from proper care.

Many advances in painless dentistry contribute to the many strides toward the goal of reducing and eliminating pain and discomfort in dentistry. The best tool is at all of our disposal. Communicate with your dentist as to how you can work together to alleviate your anxiety or fears. Music played on headphones help patients zone-out and lessens anxiety. Nitrous Oxide is also a calming anesthetic option now available to most patients.

Speak to your dentist today about ways to alleviate your fears and anxiety and begin treating your teeth as they should be treated. Schedule an initial visit today with your Richmond dentist.

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