Hypnotize Yourself – How to Hypnotize Yourself in 3 Easy Steps


Every day you go in and out of trance – the state we also call hypnosis. It occurs naturally and thus it’s very simple to harness this phenomena. You will find that you will hypnotize yourself with very little effort once you understand how. All you have to do is follow these three easy steps:

Step 1.
Its important to find yourself somewhere comfortable to sit or lay down. Make sure that you turn off all phones and pagers so that you will not be disturbed. Allow yourself 20 minutes to perform self hypnosis. Ensure that your clothing doesn’t restrict or annoy you.

Step 2
As you keep your eyes open, begin to focus your attention on a spot on the a wall. Study the detail, notice its’ shape and color. Change to another spot and do the same. By the time you get to the third, notice the air against your skin and then the rise and fall of your chest. And with all these things together, listen to the sounds that seep into the room no matter how quiet or loud they are. Notice each individual sound and where it is coming from.

Step 3
Now, let your whole body to relax. Soften your focus by allowing yourself to look out of your peripheral vision. Breathe slowly and deeply. Relax and feel heavy.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 over and over again and before long you will drift into a wonderful state of trance. Once you have perfected your own personal routine for going into trance you can then think about using it to make great personal changes. I will explain how to do this in another article.

If you struggled with the above steps it should be noted that some people find it easier to do than others. There are a few other things that you can do and use to help hypnotize yourself. They include using music and special images.

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