Is Covert Hypnosis and Mind Control Possible

Is Covert Hypnosis and Mind Control Possible

Many people have heard of hypnosis. This can be in the form of self hypnosis or hypnotic therapy. However, there is not a large group of people that will tell you that they have heard of covert hypnosis. This type of hypnosis that is done without the knowledge of the person who’s mind is being controlled.

There is a belief that covert hypnosis is not possible. This thought is lead by the idea that a person has to be willing to be put in a hypnotic trance for it to happen. This is not true. It is possible for a number of reasons.

Covert hypnosis is using subliminal mind control techniques to alter someone’s action or thoughts without them knowing it. The key piece of this that makes it differ from regular hypnosis is that the person who’s mind is being controlled does not know that it is going on.

The reason that this is possible is that it is all about simple communication techniques. Mind control is not some elaborate chant or magical incantation. It is truly communication taken to the subconscious level. This is a simple way of explaining how covert hypnosis takes effect.

The communication that is used to make covert hypnosis possible can be broken down into four parts. They are body language, facial expressions, para language and the actual words that are spoken during communication.

These simple ways of communication are used by regular people everyday. It is the way that a person uses these tools to get the person to change their mind and act differently than they normally would.

There have been many people that you have dealt with through out your life that have used covert hypnosis. You have seen this in action and did not realize you were seeing a form of mind control.

The politician that is giving a speech that engages and brings hope to the people listening to him is a form of this. Top sales people use it all the time to close a sale.

Perhaps, you have walked away from making a purchase only to realize that you really did not want to have bought the item, but the sales person was just so amazing. You were under the forces of covert hypnosis.

Covert hypnosis is something that is often played up as being magical and elusive in the movies. This tends to lead to the misconception that this form of mind control is not possible. This is not true. This is possible. It only takes simple communication techniques to be able to control the mind through hypnosis.

Covert hypnosis is possible and easy if you are willing to learn the techniques. How can you learn these techniques?

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