Let Self Hypnosis Stop You From Smoking

Let Self Hypnosis Stop You From Smoking

Ah the delights of a bad habit. The people look at you as if you had suddenly grown another head. If you smoke, they ostentatiously wave their hands at you, not in greeting but in a gesture to get rid of the smoke. They ask you to leave a room or your house.

More and more these days, there is a growing intolerance of smokers. This is not without just cause. Smoking is different from many bad habits. It affects even those who do not smoke. Second-hand smoke can make others sick. Both smokers and those who breathe in the fumes can suffer from many dreaded diseases including lung cancer, coronary heart disease, stomach cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Smoking can more than make you a social pariah. It can be a death sentence. Yet, so many people try but do not succeed in breaking the habit. They try to wean themselves off slowly using a nicotine patch. They chew gum frantically. They see a doctor. Yet, for many, none of these solutions works. They may work temporarily, but soon the cravings return or something happens and they are once again smoking heavily.

Yet, if you do really want to quit, there is a way. It is not about so-called ‘will-power.” It is about mindfully changing. If this interests you, you need to consider this very reliable alternative hypnosis. Stop smoking using this method and you will, for sure cease craving cigarettes.

Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a method that works with you. It helps you discover what is making you smoke. Once you discover this, you can alter your stance on smoking. Through hypnosis stop smoking is easy and very simple.

Hypnosis is all about changing or retraining your thought pattern. You may say you want to quit smoking, but deep inside your mind, your subconscious disagrees. It is trapped in a pattern. It is the entity responsible for you wanting to stop but failing to do so. If you want to change this unhealthy pattern, you need to reach your subconscious. The best and most effective means of doing this is through hypnosis.

How do you do this?

You can turn to a hypnotherapist for help. He or she will be able to guide you through the basic process. There is, however, a less expensive and as effective way. You can employ self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is the same process as hypnotherapy. It follows the same pattern of thought. It uses the same techniques. The major difference – you are your own guide through the procedure. You take charge of discovering what your subconscious is thinking. You seize control and alter the current pattern making a smoker. In doing so, you turn yourself into a non-smoker once and for all.

In both hypnosis and self hypnosis, to stop smoking requires reprogramming or retraining your subconscious. You need to access it and change how it is currently thinking and feeling. Once you do so, you will stop smoking.

Self-Hypnosis and Reaching the Subconscious

You and your subconscious are not strangers to one another. Every day you access it – most times without realizing you are doing so. Meditating is a means of reaching your subconscious. This process relies upon the use of certain suggestions. These are usually conveyed using words. The words are very suggestive. They create powerful images. These are used to override the existing ones in your subconscious.

The process of reaching down into your subconscious requires the creations of specific scripts. This is particularly true when you are planning to reach a certain goal, such as non-smoking. The script contains words that do several things. They:

  • Let your subconscious express how it currently feels about smoking
  • They take this present image and turn it into a negative concept. With smoking, for example, instead of a desirable activity, smoking becomes negative
  • The words next create images of beauty and health. They focus on the positive effects of you being a non-smoker. They lead you along the path towards being a non-smoker. They stress the health, energy and overall liveliness and vitality of being a non-smoker. They let you feel and become a non-smoker.

The words and images have the power to retrain the path established in your subconscious. They lead you into the present as a non-smoker. This goal-directed language make what you hope for overwhelm the present reality of your subconscious. By using hypnosis, stop smoking fast becomes your present and future reality.

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