Quitting Smoking… What Is Your Smoking Style

Quitting Smoking… What Is Your Smoking Style

So you’ve been smoking for a long time and you want to quit, I’m just wondering what is your smoking style, it’s important because smoking has been a part of your identity and you are going to have to leave it behind as you create a new identity for yourself as a non smoker.

So are you a conventional smoker with your smoke held between two fingers?

Do you hold the cigarette low and out of sight, or do you rest your elbow on your other hand with the smoke near your face.

Or perhaps you like to make a show by waving your smoke in the air as you speak., or using it as a pointer when making a point in a discussion or an argument.

Perhaps you are posh and like to use a cigarette holder for effect.

Or maybe a reverse holder with the ash end facing your palm and held between your thumb and first finger?

Do you blow smoke out of the corner of your mouth to be polite, or do you blow rings into the air above you.

Maybe you like the prestige of a cigar with a fine cognac, or to appear thoughtful and wise as you draw on a pipe.

There are as many styles of smoking as there are brands. Those that portray a rugged image, a cool sophisticate, youthful and carefree or maybe frugal and not influenced by flashy brands.

So where do you sit in all of these descriptions and brands, and how have actions and buying decisions impacted your life, and what kind of hole will be left when you quit smoking?

And don’t fool yourself into thinking there won’t be a hole. It could be what you do with your hands. Perhaps how you express yourself when talking or thinking.

The way you relax and spend your downtime, or your go to response when you are stressed or anxious.

All of these things need to be considered and planned for in advance of quitting. Just remember that you are not the first person to quit smoking, but many of those fail to quit before they fail to plan.

A simple strategy for more standard smokers is to carry a water bottle and take frequent sips. For the more exotic smoker you will have to draw on your creativity.

So create your new identity, one without cigarettes and one where you are healthier and don’t need the crutch of a cigarette.

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