Rheumatoid Arthritis: Function Of The Occupational Therapist In Seating – 1


Suitable seating for the client with rheumatoid arthritis is extremely important, as if the affected individual has a seat/chair that is not suited, it will end result in agony and/or pain aggravation. On leading of that, it will also lead to the worsening of his or her independence when they want to get up to go rest room, solution the phone, have a food etcetera.

Very number of patients with rheumatoid arthritis have ample seating guidance in their chairs. Maybe it is a economical limitation, or it may be a situation of reduce priority so the job may have been shelved. For seating clinics, many basically provide a means of elevating the seating by itself as an solution, which most of the time, needless for the individual with rheumatoid arthritis.

When picking out a chair for a affected individual, the following must be regarded

1. Client is to don his or her generally worn home shoes to make sure that the correct height is calculated using working day to working day resources and devices.
2. The fabric demands to be a agency one particular (vinyl materials results in perspiration, which qualified prospects to other problems)
3. The suitable seat peak for the client is calculated from the base of the footwear (soles) to the back of the knees of the affected person in sitting down, and the knees must be at proper angles (90 levels).
4. Seat depth is calculated from the again of the buttocks, to the back again of the knees of the seated patient.
5. Seat width demands to be calculated with the patient seated in the chair, with 1-1.5 inches more space on each and every facet from the buttocks. This is for turnings, transfers and total consolation. It should not be extra than a full of additional 3 inches as it will result in a even further aside arm rests.
6. There wants to be backrest contours together the total size of the spine, like the neck, and angled to match each and every person affected person.
7. Arm rests are demanded, and they should really support the arms without the need of necessitating the affected individual to hunch their shoulders.
8. Every arm rests for the chair should really be degree, or inclined marginally at the digits, reaching appropriate to the entrance of the knees to support the clients in finding to stand.
9. It is very best when the arm rests are padded with cushions to make home or accommodate distressing flare up of joints and nodules.
10. There should really not be any boards or crossbars that brace the entrance legs of the chair, as this will limit the patient’s capability to stand up on their individual.

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