Some Specific Information That Everyone Should Know About Sublocade Medication:

Administration and Dosage of SUBLOCADE® (buprenorphine extended-release)  injection, for subcutaneous (abdominal) use (CIII) Plus Counseling


America, as a nation, is suffering rampantly from an opioid epidemic. A large fraction of its population is reeling from the impact of opioid addiction. Opioid use disorder affects teenagers to veterans without discrimination on class, social stature, and demographics like age, sex, ethnicities, etc. 

According to the experts performing drug abuse counseling near me, the stay-at-home directives and the lockdown restrictions have further worsened the situation. These medical practitioners and experts say that telemedicine has come up as a brilliant alternative to providing care and respite to the afflicted patients cornered within their rooms due to the severe pandemic situation. 

Suboxone and Sublocade-miracle medication:

Whether it is telemedicine or MAT, or IOP, Suboxone and Sublocade have emerged as potential breakthroughs to treat opioid addiction in patients. The opioid treatment doctors near me believe that these Buprenorphine-based medications are radical and revolutionary since they help treat opioid addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and pain.

These medications also reduce the scare of an opioid-induced overdose and any casualty. Opioid clinics near me have found these medications to create immense improvements in patients’ and addicts’ lives. Coupled with the benefits of drug abuse counseling, Sublocade and Suboxone make a positive change in their lives. 

Let’s look into some of the most critical facets of Sublocade medication. 

What is Sublocade?

Sublocade is an extended-release Buprenorphine that is provided through a monthly-injection routine to the patients. It is administered below the subcutaneous layers of the belly. Usually, you graduate to a Sublocade program after undergoing a long-term Suboxone program where the medication is administered sublingually or buccally in the form of films. 

What is the essential information regarding Sublocade that you should know?

According to the medical experts at the substance abuse centers near me, medications like Suboxone and Sublocade have a formulation that is dominated by opioid agonist Buprenorphine. As a result, these could be potentially addictive if the patient decides to abuse the medications. 

Since Sublocade poses a severe threat of potential self-harm or fatality when self-injected intravenously, the medication is not made widely available. It is not available in a certified retail pharmacy like Suboxone. On the contrary, Sublocade is only made available through a specific program called the Sublocade Rems Program. 

In this program, the Sublocade must be administered with a certified healthcare provider’s help. The opioid clinics near me have some of the most excellent and talented crew of healthcare providers who are certified and licensed to administer Sublocade to the patients. The doctors and medical practitioners curate the specific dosage for a particular patient, and then these people do the needful. 

What to do during an emergency?

Drug abuse counseling experts say that you should always communicate your condition during a crisis or an emergency. If you encounter medical trouble, you should quickly communicate with the medical staff about your situation. Your family could also take the leading step. You should tell them that you are being treated with Sublocade medication, and hence you are physically dependent on the opioid. 

Some severe side effects of Sublocade according to the opioid treatment doctors near me:

Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist which is administered as an extended-release injection called Sublocade. But this chemical could often cause severe complications in people. Some of the severe side effects are listed below. 

  • Feelings of dizziness or fainting 
  • Confusion and similar mental states
  • Slowed breathing pattern 
  • Drowsiness. It could become extreme at times. 
  • Blurred vision
  • Problems with coordination. Stunted reflexes. 
  • Slurred speech 
  • Problems in thinking and cognition 
  • High body temperature than usual 
  • Feelings of agitation 
  • Muscle stiffening 
  • Problems in movement

Some of these problems could result from Sublocade overdose. Hence, you need to immediately report these problems to the licensed healthcare provider tending to your treatment. Substance abuse centers have found witnesses of patients who use various medications while continuing a sublocade program. As a result, a large variety of complications might arise. 

What should you tell your healthcare provider before starting the Sublocade program:

Apart from confiding in your medical history, you should be clear about every medicine you take- including herbal and vitamin supplements, over-the-counter drugs, and prescription medication. You should also tell if you consume alcohol or not and your frequency of consumption. Sublocade can cause serious pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic interactions with various chemicals, and could create severe complications. While the efficacy of Sublocade gets subdued, in some instances, these might also cause serious life-threatening problems. 

How to navigate the journey of recovery?

According to some medical experts, recovery is a life-long journey. You need to be steadfast in this journey and make headways continuously. Coupled with ideal medications like Sublocade and efficient drug abuse counseling, the recovery journey becomes seamless. However, it is common to encounter roadblocks like cravings and addiction triggers. But with suitable coping mechanisms, you will be able to sidestep these triggers and continue your long-term drug abstinence and recovery. 

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