Know the Triggers Which Force You to Go Back On Drug Abuse

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One of most effective techniques for preventing relapse is to understand the triggers and work on managing them. Some of the triggers are very much obvious like being around people who use it or crossing the palace from where you used to buy them, other triggers might not be that much straightforward. Addiction is a tricky disease, suggests many local Suboxone doctors and that they try to sneak up on you when you are least expecting it. Here are some of the main triggers which can get you back to in the trap of drug abuse, and how you can tackle them to have a smooth and steady recovery from addiction.

Common relapse triggers and how to manage them?

Relapse triggers can be categories into few groups which are; emotional, mental and environmental and these are easily overlooked. Here we have some common relapse trigger and how to cope up with them.


 Negative emotions often lead people to use drugs or alcohol in the first place and can easily force the individual back on drugs. It is impossible to avoid feeling sad, angry, guilty, or lonely all the time. Experiencing these emotions is normal and an important aspect of recovery – but they are uncomfortable! Learning how to learn how you can cope with your emotionsas they arise without the use of drugs and alcohol will be essential in early recovery. It’s the duty of your chosen Suboxone clinic to help you out in managing your emotions while recovery process.


Stress is one of the main trigger which affects you mind and body severely and have the power to urge you for having drugs to ease you down. According to Suboxone doctors, HALT can lead to stress and thousand other circumstances that will differ for each individual. Losing a job or loved one, increased responsibility at home or work, and health problems can all create increased stress. The best way to handle this sort of situation is to consult Suboxone treatment clinics near me and consult with doctors and counselors for the same.


Over-confidence while in treatment can bring you near to risk of relapse. Having self-confidence is necessary, but becoming over-confident to the point of complacency crosses limit from health confidence to over-confidence and further to relapse risk.

As the treatment will process out you will tend to feel that you no longer need the treatment and any relapse prevention programs. You might get a thought of that you are doing really good in your recovery stage and thus you need no recovery treatment anymore–this kind of mind set can bring you close to relapse. Which can definitely put you through a lot of trouble which is why it is essential to stay connected with your Suboxone clinic near me?

 Mental or physical illness

Depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses can trigger drug or alcohol relapse. When you go through stress while treatment your body and mind can seek the support of drug which increases the chances of relapse. Sharing that you are in recovery with your suboxone doctor near me and being insistent about providing non-addictive prescription drug alternatives is important.Get treatment for any underlying mental illness and monitor your thinking and feeling with a journal help in noticing when you are slipping into old patterns.

 Social isolation

Hesitating in reaching out to others and not being able to socialize with people can lead to isolation the more you go into isolation the easier it becomes for you to depend on drug and alcohol.Social anxiety can also be a struggle for many recovering addicts, which is why having a counselor or seeking help from sublocade treatment center for social actives can help you avoid social isolation. Make sure to have a sober environment when you are recovering from opioid addiction.

Sex and relationships

It is advised to keep love life on hold while you are being treated for addiction for your own benefits. As any trouble in relationship or break ups can lead to emotional stress and it has been very much a fact that people tend to seek help from drug when they go through emotional breakdown.

Recheck and think twice why it is important to avoid falling in love or addiction of sex while in recovery process, if you still blank and confused consult with Suboxone doctor near me and seek of suggestions.

 Social places where drugs are sold

Another one of the most common relapse triggers is putting you in situations where drugs and alcohol are available. Driving by the place where once you used to hangout for drug consumption can also trigger the urge of having drugs. 

The effective thing you can do is to cut off terms from the people who are abusive towards drug and have a sober circle which will motivate you to let go of your addiction. When doing this, think outside the obvious and ask your sublocade near me or counselor for help so you’re not later caught off guard by an emotion, sight or smell.

These are the few main reasons why people going through addiction recovery phase can fall in the trap of relapse, which is why it is important to understand it can act to avoid them while on treatment.