Supplements: Are You Paying for a Very Expensive Pee?

Supplements: Are You Paying for a Very Expensive Pee?

Supplements should be used selectively, mindfully and respectfully. Of course opting for a quality brand that guarantees less toxic additives to the pills is a given. But that’s just half of the story. The truth is, even the most organic supplements, taken mindlessly, chaotically and without a clear intent of what you are hoping to achieve, will still result in a very expensive pee and not much else. So if you would like to get your money’s worth and benefit from your supplements, you have to have a certain mindset and behavior to match.

First of all, spend some time in meditation and choose one or two supplements (ideally they should work synergistically) instead of popping tons of pills simultaneously. This is done so you don’t scatter your energies in the hope of fixing everything at ones yet ending up doing lots of jobs poorly. Go for quality over quantity. It’s like having great sex with one partner vs having bad, mindless sex with lots of partners.

Now, quality of course is not automatic when you reduce the quantity (sex with a single partner can still be pretty bad). Thus, the next step is to raise your awareness around the outcome you would like to achieve. Go into a meditative space, clear your mind, relax and tune into an appropriate intention. What is your goal here? Remember, it’s not about what you do but why you do it. And when the Why is big enough, the How takes care of itself. So get clear on your intention. For you can do the same thing for a different reason and get a different result.

Lastly, the process of taking supplements should be accompanied with commitment and cooperation (just like having sex, by the way). In other words, your actions should match your intent. For instance, if you are asking from a supplement to help you detox, you also need to make a committed effort to stay away from toxins yourself (alcohol, sugar, cigarettes, toxic thoughts and emotions, etc.). We always get out what we put in, therefore make sure you give first so you can receive accordingly. You also need to be open to learning in the process. This is especially true if you are taking herbs since plants have a soul and special wisdom they can impart on us, if only we stayed present and asked for guidance and insight.

To conclude, taking a supplement implies being in a relationship with it. And as with any relationship, you can’t just lie there expecting from the other to do everything for you. It does take two to tango so make sure you make an active, conscious contribution or else the relationship becomes useless.

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