The 4 Main Stages of Smoking – It Can Be Easy to Go From Curiosity to Addiction

The 4 Main Stages of Smoking – It Can Be Easy to Go From Curiosity to Addiction

Every smoker has their own story of how they progressed through their habit. Though everyone has their own unique progression there are some main stages of smoking that most smokers pass through.

Stage 1-Experimentation

This is how every smoker starts. Either through curiosity or peer pressure, and typically at a young age new smokers start through experimentation. They may want to fit in with a group of new friends, look cool, be rebellious or just see what the big deal is about smoking. Many new smokers never make is past this phase. Either smoking makes them feel ill or they come to their senses and realize that it is not for them. A lot of people do make it through this stage and smoking becomes a bigger part of their life.

Stage 2-Commitment

Once a person passes into this stage of smoking they are past a casual urge to smoke and they have made a commitment to their habit. They now actually buy packs of cigarettes. They do not just smoke here and there or just at parties or get-togethers, they smoke all the time. Some people may to be able to quit at this point. But it gets harder the closer they get to the next stage.

Stage 3-Addiction

Once a smoker hits this stage smoking is no longer a choice. They are now having a smoke as soon as they wake up, throughout the course of the day, and before they go to bed at night. Smoking has weaved its way into the fabric of their lives.

Stage 4-Regret

Most smokers who have become addicted eventually regret the fact that they have become powerless over cigarettes. They try to quit smoking, only to find that it is difficult. They desperately want to kick the habit but end up lighting up again. They start the sad merry-go-round of trying to quit smoking. Some will succeed in stopping smoking some will go years trying to quit smoking never to succeed.

Some people can go through these stages very quickly. Or they may go straight from experimentation to addiction. Either way once they have made it to Stage 4, or regret, they need to find an effective way to quit smoking to quickly put an end to the physical and mental anguish that goes along with trying to quit smoking.

There is a technique available that can help you gain freedom from smoking. It is called NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a technique that has been used for decades to help people quit smoking with great results. It works so well because it targets and destroys the cravings to smoke. In a recent study NLP had a 97.2% success rate.

If you have made it through the stages of smoking and you are regretting becoming a smoker and trying to kick the habit you should seriously consider NLP. It is all natural without any side effects that can go along with medications. You can practice NLP techniques at home using a simple audio program.

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