Herbal Supplements To Help With DNA Reprogramming and Activation


As we move further and further into the new energy era, self-mastery and self-evolution are major talking points within many so-called ‘alternative’ circles. Although as people are finding conventional methods of medicine failing to provide safe and practical long-term solutions to age-old problems, they are turning to alternative modalities more and more often. Other than the usual naturopathic, Ayurvedic, homeopathic, and energetic modalities (such as Reiki) that have been available for some time now… DNA activations are becoming extremely popular not only for raising consciousness of humanity, but also for self-healing through a shamanic style of sound-light therapy.

Even though your DNA activation is of an energetic nature, you may benefit by facilitating the process through herbal supplementation, alongside any other dietary and lifestyle practices you abide to. Of the plethora of supplements that are available that could potentially assist, the two which are worth taking a closer look at are ‘Vitamin K2’ and ‘Cod Liver Oil.’ This would be a good time to remind you that if you are looking to add or subtract any medications or natural health products to your regime, it would be wise to consult a qualified health practitioner to confirm that it is safe for you to do so.

Vitamin K2 To Help De-Calcify Your Pineal Gland

Vitamin K2 works by finding calcium deposits throughout your body in areas that they shouldn’t be, such as around your organs and in your pineal gland, and then depositing them in areas of your body where they should be, such as your bones and teeth. The obvious benefit is that you will inherently develop stronger bones and teeth by supplementing with Vitamin K2, with the added spiritual bonus being that you will aid and assist the decalcification of your pineal gland. As your pineal gland becomes more active, you may experience benefits such as more vivid and lucid dreams, expanded awareness and intuition, and a more direct connection to your higher self.

Cod Liver Oil For Healthy Brain And Nerve Function

For your body to be functioning at optimum level, your brain and nerve health is extremely important for many reasons. Even though your pineal gland (third eye) is responsible for intuitive thought, your synaptic brain is still highly responsible for the more logical thought processes that we still rely on for day-to-day living. Fish oil has been long touted for it’s brain health benefits, with more and more studies revealing that Cod Liver Oil is of a premium nature that is highly recommended by many professionals. As your physical and etheric bodies detox on all levels, boosting the resilience of your brain and nervous system through what may be a harrowing time is always a good idea, Cod Liver Oil may be just what the doctor ordered to help you along your journey of self-healing.

If you are currently working through a DNA activation, or are considering to proceed with activating your highest potential… then the above mentioned supplements are ‘worth their weight in gold’ so to speak. Each and every journey of DNA activation is highly personal and individualised, so be sure to listen to your body and allow for the life-force energies to flow through you and direct your path of self-mastery. Whether your journey is subtle, or something that you may be more inclined to find in the fiction section of your local book store… embrace every moment to be for the highest good of all involved, and remember to set pure, positive and empowering intent!

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